Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CuisAnn - Gluten Free Foods

"Gluten Free Food is Our Business".

Our goal for CuisAnn gluten free products is to be accepted in mainstream markets. We have done our best to capture the taste and flavours of wholesome, old fashioned food. 

We promise great taste and no gluten!

About CuisAnn

Ann Brockliss founded the company, CuisAnn in 2002. Today as it did then CuisAnn still operates from a lifestyle property on SH1 just south of Whangarei. It is a family-owned and operated business and over the last 10 years has continued to excel in the supply of Gluten free goodies to people like me.

Where I started my Gluten free knowledge – The Gluten Free Chef.

I have to thank Ann for the education she gave me back in 2002-2003 about Gluten free. I remember her telling me about her mum being Coeliac and I didn’t know what that was and she filled in the gaps for me.

I was working with CuisAnn right back in their early days, 2002-2003 to develop their first website. This gave me the time to learn all about what and why they were starting the business. Being a chef I had a natural interest in what they were doing.

It was a couple of years later and I realised that my body had a big issue with Gluten. It was Ann’s words that had stuck in my mind about what was happening that gave me the insight to remove Gluten from my diet. This was also the start of my progression to my business now as The Gluten Free Chef, thanks Ann.

CuisAnn Today

Over the years, Ann and her team have developed a range of gluten free products with great taste, that are liked by everyone, not just Coeliacs! They also have some great Dairy free options as well within their product range.

Their products are made in a dedicated gluten free kitchen and as people with issues with Gluten this is so important for ensuring that there is no cross-contamination and product integrity is kept pure to our needs.

A range of their products are tested annually to ensure they meet the gluten free criteria. Everything, except our sausage meat, is made on site from scratch.

What are their products?

The list is large so I suggest you check out their range at the link below. I have selected some of my favorites and listed them below to wet your appetite.

Mince Pie, Hearty Chicken Pie, Curried Chicken & Kumara Pie, Buckwheat & Ginger Pie, Bacon & Egg Pie, Butter Chicken Pie, Sausage Rolls, Chicken Lasagne, Apple Crumble Tart, Apricot & Almond Tart, Organic Steak & Onion Pie, Dairy Free Mince Pie and the list goes on. 

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